Thomas Wagner's Music Collection

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Download the documentation of my complete music collection in PDF-format!

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AIRCHECK is a compilation of Radio-Jazz not (yet) issued on record



JAZZDEMO contains a demo database for more comfortable research(temporarily nnot accessible).

JAZZDEMO is a ZIP-compressed DOS database. It runs on all Windows versions up to Windows 7,32bit. in WINDOWS 64bit issues it runs only with DOS-Box. For installing JAZZDEMO experiences with MS-DOS is helpful. It inflates up to aproximately 80 MB.

JAZZDEMO-INSTRUCIONS.DOC    contains a short manual for installing.

Note: I am collecting since early 1970's. I used state-of-the-art equipment which changed with the times. The sound quality is as good as possible. Using Dolby noise reduction may cause phasing effects. Recordings on trade cassettes or tapes are usually copies from the copies etc; the sound quality may be poor, but that is less important for me at all. My father was an excellent piano player. He often played together with a cello player who was unable to hit the right note immediately. Asked if that would not bother him, my father used to reply: "I just hear what I want to hear". So do I.


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